About Me

Where to start… I grew up in southern California and earned a degree in Biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego.  Despite an early focus on molecular biology, including publishing research on DNA sequencing, I decided to “pivot” and served as a nuclear submariner and cryptologist in the US Navy.

Following my naval service, I worked as a technology architect at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), which is where I fell in love with the software and technology domains.  After that I helped start up a company (Z-Tel) with the mission to radically change the way people communicate.  It was a wild ride during the dot-com boom resulting in a successful IPO.

At Andersen and Z-Tel I was fortunate to work with some fantastic leaders, technologists and role models, all of whom I consider mentors to this day.  It instilled in me a deep respect for the power of solid leadership in any field, but especially technology.

Since then I’ve worked with several startups in roles ranging from technology architect to CTO as well as running my own successful consulting business.  I’ve enjoyed being part of the evolution of computing as it has journeyed through client/server, web, apps and beyond.  I still code for fun and over the last few years I’ve dived deep into machine learning and data science.

I moved to Germany and joined Bonial as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in 2014 and have been having a blast working with a fantastic global team here.  Among other things I’m responsible for R&D and the platform evolution of the group’s enterprise systems and apps which are used in several of the world’s most important international merchant markets.

When not working, I’m an avid photographer and enjoy exploring, trying new cuisines, meeting interesting people, debating politics, and getting lost in the wilderness with my family and friends.

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